The Veg Cooperative: Becoming A Member

Something exciting has happened a few weeks ago; I’ve become a member of my local, Zurich based vegetable cooperative called Meh Als Gmües (‘more than vegetables’). The ‘more’ in more than vegetables has two meanings – on the one hand they’re planning to expand their range to other produce such as fruit, and possibly even […]

How to celebrate Heilige Drei Könige

The 6th of January is Heilige Drei Könige Tag or Drei-Königs-Tag (Epiphany), a day which importance is two-fold in Switzerland. While not many Swiss celebrate the day for the actual religious reasons anymore, most people here will get a Dreikönigskuchen (three kings bread), a sweet bread with or without raisins inside and coarse sugar or […]

Swiss Christmas Cookies (Wiehnachtsguezli)

Guezle: the process of making Christmas cookies Home-made Wiehnachtsguezli (Christmas cookies) are a big thing in Switzerland. Sometime in November everyone stocks up on sugar, flour, grated nuts, chocolate, butter and whatever else is needed for the cookies. The cookies are baked by all age groups; mothers bake with their children, the young urbanites bake […]