Süsser Hefe-Gugelhopf (Sweet Leavened Gugelhopf)

Gugelhopf, Gugelhupf, Kugelhopf, Bundt cake, there are many names for this cake shape. Gugelhopfs have been around for ages in Switzerland and several other European countries; it’s said its origins are in Austria but most popular in France’s Alsace region. In Switzerland the most popular Gugelhopf shaped cakes are the sweet, raisin filled leavened Gugelhopf, […]


These cookies, named after their colour bruun (brown), are one of the classic Swiss Christmas cookies along the Mailänderli, Zimtstern and some others. We don’t make them every year as we alternate them with the Schokoladekugeln Myrta which are very similar, but round and a little more moist inside. The Brunsli are mainly made of […]

Chocolate Stick Bread Snakes (Schoggistängeli-Schlangen)

These bread snakes containing a wrapped or unwrapped Schoggistängeli or Branchli, a popular chocolate stick weighing about 25 grams, are popular for school birthday snacks. The bread is made with Zopf dough, an enriched dough with butter, which makes this snack even a better treat. These kind of chocolate sticks are difficult to buy in […]