How To Make The Most Of Aspargus

The aspargus season is a much awaited and celebrated yearly event in Switzerland; the season is short and needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. Growing and harvesting aspargus is a time consuming activity which explains the high price tag, and this is another reason why aspargus is something that’s eaten as a treat, rather […]

HelvetiBox: The Cantons Food Box

In times of the Lädelisterben (the closing down of the small shops due to the big supermarkets), businesses like HelvetiBox are adding some much needed regionality and exposure of small producers to Switzerland’s culinary landscape. HelvetiBox is a monthly food box delivered to your door that lets you taste specialities of one canton per month. […]

Swiss Chocolate Gifts You Can’t Buy Abroad

Swiss chocolate always makes a great present for family and friends abroad. But in times of an ever-increasingly globalised world, it pays to know which Swiss chocolates still aren’t easily to come by outside of Switzerland. So, leave the Lindt and Toblerone chocolates in the supermarket shelves and opt for one of the ideas below. […]