The Veg Cooperative: The Summer Harvest

It’s summer and the vegetable season is in full swing. April was mostly early produce such as carrots, beetroot, last year’s potatoes, radish and Swiss chard. While we got told May would bring lots of exciting spring produce, this rather small range of varieties continued until early June and eventually the weekly batches became quite […]

Bananas: Eat Them As Long As You Can

Bananas are Switzerland’s second-most sold fruit, which is rather unique given that bananas aren’t grown anywhere nearby and are mostly shipped in from another continent. Statistically, every person in Switzerland eats about 10kg (22 lbs) of bananas each year. Globally, more than 100 billion bananas are being consumed each year which, after wheat, rice and […]

The Veg Cooperative: Becoming A Member

Something exciting has happened a few weeks ago; I’ve become a member of my local, Zurich based vegetable cooperative called Meh Als Gmües (‘more than vegetables’). The ‘more’ in more than vegetables has two meanings – on the one hand they’re planning to expand their range to other produce such as fruit, and possibly even […]