Pears With Chocolate Sauce (Schoggibirnen)

Schoggibirnen (steamed pears with chocolate sauce) was our typical Sunday lunch dessert when I was a child. Sunday lunch was always special, for once a week we ate at the dining table in the dining room instead of the kitchen, and we got to eat a dessert. Normally it was these chocolate pears or vanilla ice cream with warm, cooked berries. These pears are super easy dessert, and pears go so well with chocolate. You could stew fresh pears, but the tinned version works perfectly well and makes it very easy and quick. I always use a tin because of that.



  • 1 tin of pears
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 30g butter


Place the pears on 3-4 dessert plates. Add 4 tbsps of the tinned pear juice to a saucepan, and also the chocolate (in pieces) and the butter. Carefully melt the chocolate at low heat while stirring (make sure the chocolate sauce doesn’t start boiling, otherwise it’ll turn crumbly).

Pour the chocolate sauce over the pears and enjoy while the sauce is still warm!


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