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  • Brunsli

    These cookies, named after their colour bruun (brown), are one of the classic Swiss Christmas cookies along the Mailänderli, Zimtstern and some others. We don’t make them every year as we alternate them with the Schokoladekugeln Myrta which are very similar, but round and a little more moist inside. The Brunsli are mainly made of […]

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  • Orange Chocolate Wholemeal Cookies

    These bisquits aren’t part of the gang of famous Swiss Christmas cookies but they are delicious and a must-have in my family’s Wiehnachtsguezli (Christmas cookies) collection. The wholemeal adds some richness to the bisquits which I really love. What’s more, orange and chocolate are just a match made in heaven. For more Swiss Christmas cookies […]

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  • Beetroot Smoothie

    While Swiss beetroot is available all year round (freshly harvested from spring to autumn and stored in cool warehouses over the winter months), for me it’s a typical vegetable to fall back on during the winter months, because in summer there are so many other locally grown vegetables available. This smoothie with raw beetroot is […]

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  • Zopf Bread Tortoise

    Swiss kids love their bread animals made of Zopf dough. Various animals can be bought in bakeries, the most popular ones are the bread tortoise, mouse and hedgehog. During the next few weeks we’re going to show you how to make various animal shaped breads. Recipe for 4-6 bread tortoises Make 500g of bread dough. […]

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  • Chocolate Cream Dessert (Schokoladencreme)

    Schoggicreme (lit. chocolate cream) is one of the food expressions every Swiss child knows. Because, it’s delicious and very popular amongst children and grown-ups alike. We have a thing for cream desserts anyway. Vanilla cream, caramel cream and fruit based creams are equally popular as desserts in Switzerland. When I was a child, Sunday lunchtime […]

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  • Summer Berry Sponge Cake

    This is a very light, easy to digest summer berry cake; in addition to baking powder, the cake contains whipped egg whites which makes it incredibly fluffy and light. The cake works with any kind of berry or even a mix of different berries, but be warned – if you mainly use sour berries like […]