A Swiss Foodie Christmas Song

December is here and with it the by the Swiss much loved Vorwiehnachtsziit (lit. pre-Christmas time). During this Vorwienachtsziit I’d like to introduce you to some traditional, food-related Swiss Christmas things. First up is Andrew Bond, a musician who’s dearly loved by Swiss children and adults alike. He makes children’s songs but they’re so good that grown-ups often can’t resist singing along too. Andrew regularly takes to the stage and usually his concerts are completely sold out. Here’s one of his genius Christmas songs. The melody is the Jingle Bells one, but the text is basically a long list of Swiss Christmas cookies (Wiehnachtsguezli). I’ve translated the Swiss German text into English, have made a visual guide of all mentioned cookies and below is the link to the song on Youtube. You can buy the Andrew Bond Christmas CD (see photo) which contains many more great autumn, winter and Christmas songs. And if you want to know more about Swiss Christmas cookies, read our tips and recipes here.

Lyrics for the song: Zimmetstern hani gern

Es schmöckt zwaar immer guet, wänn öpper bache tuet, aber de feinschti Duft isch Wienchtsguetzliluft. 
While it always smells nice when someone’s baking, the most delicious smell is Christmas cookies air.

Veruss isch alls wie lis, de Näbel macht alls wiiss, doch us de Chuchi schmöckts jetzt grad wie us em Paradiis.
Everything’s icy outside, the fog makes everything white, but from the kitchen just now it smells like from paradise.

Zimetstern han I gern Cinnamon stars I like
Mailänderli au Mailänderli too
Tirggel und Spitzbuebe Tirggel and Villain cookies
und Ring us Willisau and Rings from Willisau
Läckerli lieben-i Läckerli I love
Chräbeli no mee Chräbeli even more
Totebeinli, Pfäffernüss’ Little dead legs, Peppernuts
mit Puderzuckerschnee with icing sugar snow

Es schmöckt zwaar immer guet wänn öpper bache tuet, aber de feinschti Duft isch Wienachtsguetzliduft.
While it always smells nice when someone’s baking, the most delicious smell is Christmas cookies air.

Was mir am beschte gfallt wänn öpper Täigg uuswalt, schliich ich uf Zeiespitze und probiere Täigg z schtibiize…
What I like most when someone is rolling out dough, then I sneak there on tiptoes and try to steal some dough…

5 thoughts on “A Swiss Foodie Christmas Song”

  1. That was the best! We listened to eat a dozen times and my husband sang it with our daughter. He hadn’t heard that one before! Thank you!

    1. Little Zurich Kitchen

      I can highly recommend all of his cds. My kids also adore his cd called chrüsimüsichräbs. Lots of songs specifically for jumping and dancing. So much fun!

  2. My daughter is singing this at her playgroup. Thanks so much for the translation and explanation. So helpful and wonderful. So pleased I found this post ????

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