Knäckebrot (Crispbread)

My daughter’s kindergarten has an oven and the kids get to do quite a bit of baking for special occasions. For this year’s Mother’s Day they baked Knäckebrot (crispbread). Being Swiss I grew up with the Roland Knäckebrot, but it never occurred to me that I could make my own homemade Knäckebrot and how delicious it is! The below recipe is the one from our kindergarten but of course you could use any other flour or seeds (although I’d go for some wholemeal flour, not white flour).

For me this homemade Knäckebrot is the perfect snack, together with a slice of good cheese or some dark chocolate. What’s more – it’s a very easy recipe, which makes it perfect for kids to help make it. Mine did help me today and they had lots of fun.


  • 140g spelt flour
  • 70g sesame seeds
  • 30g sunflower seeds
  • 35g flaxseeds
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 0.5dl olive oil
  • 2.5dl boiling water


Mix all ingredients until it resembles a paste.

Spread the mixture onto a baking tray covered with baking parchment – make sure you spread it evenly covering the entire tray.

Bake at 150C for about 70 minutes. If the mixture isn’t spread evenly and therefore there are some thicker parts, you’ll have to bake it for 10-20 more minutes. Take it out of the oven once everything is hard (crispy).

Let it cool down and break into pieces. And enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Knäckebrot (Crispbread)”

  1. Geraldine McCanny

    We made these this morning…my son LOVED it and loved even more eating them! Will definitely be making them again ?
    Geraldine & Thomas

    1. Little Zurich Kitchen

      Great to hear! My entire family loves them too, so I’m pretty much baking a new batch every week now 🙂

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