Food Books: Tiptopf

If there’s a cookbook that most Swiss born after 1970 know from their youth, it’s Tiptopf. Thousands of Swiss have acquired their basic cooking skills with this cookbook, most of them during their teenage school cooking lessons. This cookbook was developed for the Swiss Hauswirtschaftsunterricht (home economics), with its first edition issued in 1986. In […]

All Swiss Tarts At A Glance

Friday is Wähentag (tart day) in Switzerland. It’s not that common anymore these days with people’s modern eating habits but you can still find lots of bakeries across Switzerland advertising Friday as Wähentag, often selling an impressive variation of sweet and salty tarts – usually large ones cut into 10-15 individually sold slices. The origin […]

Ovomaltine, a tin of Swiss history

‘Mit Ovomaltine chasches nöd besser, aber länger’ (lit. ‘With Ovomaltine you can’t do it better, but longer’) is a tagline every Swiss is familiar with. It is, in fact, the most famous of all product taglines in Switzerland acording to the Swiss market research study of the year 2014. Another famous one is ‘Häsch Dini […]

Landdienst: a Swiss tradition

For the generations of my grand-parents, parents and myself who was born in the late 1970ies, Landdienst was an expression every teenager knew. For most of today’s teenagers, this word probably doesn’t mean anything anymore. Landdienst (lit. agriculture service) means working on a farm for a few weeks, preferrably in spring or autumn when most […]

The Veg Cooperative: The Summer Harvest

It’s summer and the vegetable season is in full swing. April was mostly early produce such as carrots, beetroot, last year’s potatoes, radish and Swiss chard. While we got told May would bring lots of exciting spring produce, this rather small range of varieties continued until early June and eventually the weekly batches became quite […]

Twelve Ways With Berries

Summer is officially here, and more and more farms open their pick your own berries fields. The berry season usually starts with strawberries, followed by redcurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberries, then blueberries and raspberries, and finally the blackberries. Picking your own is fun and a lot cheaper than buying at the market or supermarket. Yesterday we […]