Chocolate Stick Bread Snakes (Schoggistängeli-Schlangen)

These bread snakes containing a wrapped or unwrapped Schoggistängeli or Branchli, a popular chocolate stick weighing about 25 grams, are popular for school birthday snacks. The bread is made with Zopf dough, an enriched dough with butter, which makes this snack even a better treat. These kind of chocolate sticks are difficult to buy in […]

All Swiss Tarts At A Glance

Friday is Wähentag (tart day) in Switzerland. It’s not that common anymore these days with people’s modern eating habits but you can still find lots of bakeries across Switzerland advertising Friday as Wähentag, often selling an impressive variation of sweet and salty tarts – usually large ones cut into 10-15 individually sold slices. The origin […]