Get Your Free Pear Jam Sample

The end of summer is nearing and the Hochstamm (standard sized) pear trees are soon ready to be harvested. While most commercial pear trees are of a smaller size due to their higher profitability (easier to harvest), the standard sized pear and apple trees are such an important habitat for many birds. One product that’s made of standard sized pear tree pears is Birnendicksaft (thickened, honey-like pear juice). I love it on a slice of buttered bread, but there are many more things that can be done with it, you can read our post about it here.

If you’re unsure whether to buy a jar of Birnendicksaft or not, you can now get a free sample from Winterhilfe, a charity that both markets Birnel (one brand of Birnendicksaft) and helps people in need in Switzerland. To receive a sample, send an email to with the subject ‘Birnel’ (original news story from Winterhilfe)



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