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  • Meat Fondue (Fondue Chinoise)

    Christmas Eve is the start of the peak of the Swiss Fondue Chinoise season – the peak lasts until New Years’ Eve. This fondue and the Filet im Teig (pork or veal fillet wrapped in pastry) are the two main Christmas and New Year’s eve dinner meals in Switzerland. When I was a child in […]

  • Bread
  • Zopf Bread Tortoise

    Swiss kids love their bread animals made of Zopf dough. Various animals can be bought in bakeries, the most popular ones are the bread tortoise, mouse and hedgehog. During the next few weeks we’re going to show you how to make various animal shaped breads. Recipe for 4-6 bread tortoises Make 500g of bread dough. […]

  • Food Books
  • Food Books: Guezle mit Betty Bossi

    Betty Bossi, the name both of a fictional cookbook author and the cookbooks itself, is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, Swiss cookbook series. Read our previous post about the history of Betty Bossi. One of the most popular of the more than 100 Betty Bossi cookbooks is the one called […]

  • Bread
  • Schlangenbrot (Snake Bread)

    Campfire meals in the woods are great in any season in Switzerland. In spring you’re surrounded by tender new leaves and beautiful forest flowers, in summer the forest is the best place for finding shelter from the scoarching sun, in autumn the forest floor is covered in an amazing variety of mushrooms and in winter […]

  • Food Books
  • Ovo Book

    In a previous post I wrote about the history of Ovomaltine and its significance in Switzerland. While Ovomaltine is great as a drink with milk, it’s also delicious eaten straight out of the tin or spinkled on a buttered slice of bread – which is one of the most popular breakfast options in our house. […]