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  • Ovo Book

    In a previous post I wrote about the history of Ovomaltine and its significance in Switzerland. While Ovomaltine is great as a drink with milk, it’s also delicious eaten straight out of the tin or spinkled on a buttered slice of bread – which is one of the most popular breakfast options in our house. […]

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  • Food Books: Tiptopf

    If there’s a cookbook that most Swiss born after 1970 know from their youth, it’s Tiptopf. Thousands of Swiss have acquired their basic cooking skills with this cookbook, most of them during their teenage school cooking lessons. This cookbook was developed for the Swiss Hauswirtschaftsunterricht (home economics), with its first edition issued in 1986. In […]

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  • All Swiss Tarts At A Glance

    Friday is Wähentag (tart day) in Switzerland. It’s not that common anymore these days with people’s modern eating habits but you can still find lots of bakeries across Switzerland advertising Friday as Wähentag, often selling an impressive variation of sweet and salty tarts – usually large ones cut into 10-15 individually sold slices. The origin […]

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  • Swiss Mushroom Open Day

    The days are getting cooler and the mushroom hunters can finally spend their time out in the woods. If you like mushrooms but rather buy them at a market or supermarket, this event is for you. The Swiss mushroom producers association is opening their doors at five production sites this Saturday. You need to register […]