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  • Swiss Kindergarten Snack Guide

    It’s spring and the parents of the 4 and 5 year olds are preparing for the start of Swiss kindergarten. When my eldest started kindergarten, I had a lot of questions around kindergarten snacktime which is why I’ve written a short overview of what’s required. In the German part of Switzerland the kindergarten snacktime is […]

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  • Knäckebrot (Crispbread)

    My daughter’s kindergarten has an oven and the kids get to do quite a bit of baking for special occasions. For this year’s Mother’s Day they baked Knäckebrot (crispbread). Being Swiss I grew up with the Roland Knäckebrot, but it never occurred to me that I could make my own homemade Knäckebrot and how delicious […]

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  • Gebrannte Creme (Caramel Dessert)

    Gebrannte Creme (lit. burned pudding) or Caramelcreme, a dessert based on caramel, is a popular dessert in Switzerland. It can be tricky to get the caramelising of the sugar right – dark enough so it tastes like caramel but not too dark which makes it taste bitter. There are many different recipes around; I’ve tried […]