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  • Mandelgipfel (Almond Croissants)

    Gipfeli (croissants) are everywhere in Switzerland. There are the normal Buttergipfel (plain croissants), Vollkorngipfel (wholemeal croissants), Laugengipfel (pretzel croissants) and the filled versions like Schinkengipfel (ham croissants) and sweet varieties like Nussgipfel (hazelnut croissants) and Mandelgipfel (almond croissants). If you have access to a Swiss supermarket, the Mandelgipfel is one of the quickest baked treats […]

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  • Interview: Nicole from Alltagskoller

    ‘Alltagskoller’ is a new, innovative Swiss cookbook for people who don’t have much time to cook but nevertheless need to produce varied meals on a daily basis. The book offers a large selection of recipes; the recipe style, however, is different to most other cookbooks – they’re super-short and are written down Handgelenk mal Pi […]

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  • Herb Marinated Barbecue Chicken

    The days are getting longer and warmer and it’s time to get out the barbecue recipes again. I think we Swiss have a thing for marinating our barbeque meat and chicken, at least in our family we rarely barbecue food without marinating it first. This recipe with herbs, mustard and lemon juice goes especially well […]

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  • Two Chocolatey Birthdays

    This year not one, but two iconic Swiss chocolate bars celebrate a special birthday. Ragusa turns 75, while Risoletto turns 50. Most Swiss people have fond memories of both, so it’s time to dedicate a celebration post to them! Risoletto, the Migros cult chocolate bar Migros has always mostly sold their own brands and somehow […]

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  • Interview: Nicole von Alltagskoller (deutsch)

    English version here Alltagskoller ist das innovative Kochbuch aus der Schweiz für alle, die nicht viel Zeit haben und trotzdem täglich variantenreiche Gerichte auf den Tisch zaubern müssen (oder dürfen). Die Rezeptsammlung ist gross und variantenreich, und das Besondere an diesem ungewöhnlichen Kochbuch ist, dass die Rezepte in ‘Handgelenk mal Pi’ niedergeschrieben sind, das heisst […]