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  • Croissants filled with ham (Schinkengipfeli)

    Schinkengipfeli (translated ‘small ham croissants’) are an important part of Switzerland’s finger food landscape. They’re very popular at party buffets, but also enjoyed as a lunch on-the-go instead of a sandwich. In my family we like eating them for dinner, acompanied by a salad. And personally I find them even more delicious cold on the […]

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  • Zopf bread (Zopf)

    Zopf (which literally means braid) is probably the most famous Swiss bread. Unlike most other Swiss breads it contains milk and butter, which gives it a lovely soft texture. While the supermarkets sell Zopf all week, it’s traditionally a treat we Swiss only indulge in on Sundays, for breakfast or brunch. It’s best eaten with […]

  • Food Knowledge
  • Birnendicksaft

    Birnendicksaft, in Switzerland also known as Birnel or Birnenhonig and in North America called pear butter, is a 100% natural product made of pears. It has a similar consistency to honey, but with a slightly sour note which goes really well with certain dishes such as pancakes. It’s also commonly used as a bread spread […]

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  • Witch’s slice (Häxeschnitte)

    This is a fun, easy and quick snack to prepare with your kids. The kids will love it and I find it goes down well with a cuppa too. It’s so easy that my four year old can do it almost by herself (except the baking bit). Recipe for 16 slices (4 people) 100g ground […]

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  • Sausage Salad (Wurstsalat)

    After a few days of staying with us in Zurich, my British friend remarked that the Swiss were rather obsessed with sausages. I never thought about it, but yes, I guess we do love our sausages and eat them often and in many different ways. One might say this is not a healthy eating habit […]